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Do you feel that even though your wardrobe is filled to the brim with clothes, you never have those classic items that are great for a night out, a lazy brunch date or even an informal business meeting? You go shopping several times a month and continue to buy similar items to those in your wardrobe but you never have those classic items that every fashion blogger or celebrity seems to own. Well, if any of the readers are feeling like this, you have come to the right place because I have diagnosed your problem as not possessing the proper wardrobe foundation. This means that you do not own the essential staple pieces that every woman should own because apart from assisting you to put together a great outfit in a moment’s notice, it would also provide an anchor for any other innovative trendy items you may find in the years to come. Thus, the following article would attempt to assist its readers by exploring some of these essential wardrobe staples.  

Tops One timeless wardrobe item that every woman should strive to invest on is a pair of well fitted button down white shirt. However, one can also opt for a slightly oversized button down shirt as well because that it the current trend. But, it is highly recommended for one to invest in both these pieces because this is one staple that one can wear to a business meeting, a lazy brunch date with a pair of jeans or even to run errands during the weekend.  

Accessories Remember that tote bag that you used to carry in school and then later in college, well life after college is not suitable for this bag. Therefore, one should instead opt to invest in one of the great women’s wallets Australia because a great bag has the power to elevate any outfit to the next level.  

Many of the items in your wardrobe may suffer wear and tear in the years to come but one piece that could stand the test of times is a classic watch. However, many would be reluctant to purchase a high quality item due to the high price attached to them but this is not exactly the case because one can easily discover great watches for sale.  

Shoes  Any woman no matter her age or body type should own a great pair of pumps, while it is always advisable to invest in a high quality pair this does not mean that one cannot opt for one that is more affordable or one that is in her price range. This is a great item to own because apart from being a staple in your work wardrobe it can also elevate an outfit. For instance wearing a pair of pumps with ripped jeans would elevate the outfit from an outfit that is suitable for running errands to an outfit that one can wear on a girl’s night out.  

Hence, with the help of this guide one can now proceed to build a strong wardrobe foundation.