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Fashion is an art which it can be shared through anything such in clothes or photographs or decorative ideas. But mainly we know when we say fashion it’s the clothing line like it can be bridal or office wear or beach wear or casual wear, simply anything. There are designers worldwide who have competitiveness with their taste like Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and Marcia Prada are few of the famous fashion designers but the fashion industry becomes newer by every day since someone across introduces a new design.

There are various fashions based on clothes or shoes or jewellery. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Everyone notices the way dress and behave. According to what you are wearing may show what kind of a lifestyle you are doing or what type of a profession you are in and even the attitude could be identified through it. You may be wearing latest trends accessories and all sorts of expensive clothes but with your way of expressing will be nothing if your behaviour is bad. According to different countries and their cultures have an effect on fashion like in America they do even wear short clothes or crop tops which shows their body but in a country like India their culture is different and the way of the society looking at those clothes is different.

Mostly the fashion is basically made for the upper class who can afford to buy those expensive clothes and a stunning ruby engagement rings or diamond clutches. Even though the social media may show many fashion shows but only few people may follow that. Other than that the younger generations create their own style like a combination of different styles. If a fashion show is all about weird kind of clothes such as made of metal or leaves, it leaves a room full of questions about who would be wearing those kind of clothes on the road. Therefore the fashion should be something practical like someone can wear them on the road or to an occasion. It’s not about creating outfits made of wood or metal or some material which is not practically normal.

Therefore fashion is not only expressing yourself but it shows the attitude, the culture you have been brought up. But the culture shouldn’t be a barrier towards the fashion since every day the world changes so are the human beings. With the upcoming years there will be different styles you may have not dreamt about. That’s what we call fashion where it has no ending but it evolves through the years. The whole world will witness new trends among them.