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Everyone has a person in their life who is more than a friend, they definitely have a unique bond. It is important to let the other person know that they are special, in some cases one would want to build a relationship which is beyond friendship, but there are certain things one needs to do before proposing their partner some of which have been explained below.

Find out what he/she feels about you

It is important to know what the other person feels about this relationship. Sometimes feelings could be one sided and proposing would spoil even the friendship. So before taking it to another level it’s important to find out whether he/she also feels the same about it. This could be done by talking to one of their friends for example a girl would tell about whom she likes to one of her girl best friends and its same with the guys.

Get the right gift

Before proposing, one needs to do a little preparations such as work on the place they are going to propose at, get the right gift to celebrate it. One could give anything they want such as rose or some sort of jewellery (if it’s for the girl) they can buy this from any of the jewellery stores mostly they prefer giving ring but there are no hard and fast rules that it has to be a ring. 

Try to capture the moment

This is very crucial, sometimes couple regret not having a picture of the moment when he/she asked the other out. This is a special moment it one’s life and one could make arrangements to take pictures of it. This could be done openly or if it’s a surprise for the partner then they could ask one of the friend’s to hide and take pictures which could later be shown to the partner. Some couples take this segment very seriously and make sure they organise a photographer and videographer before proposing their partner.

Exchange/Return Policy

Not everyone looks into this, but this is also a way of winning one’s partner’s heart. One cannot expect that the other will like the gift they gave. For example one cannot expect the partner to love the ring, or the chain which was gifted to them while proposing. People have different taste so it’s important to inform the jewellers Brisbane when buying the gift that there is a possibility that the gift would be exchanged in case the partner doesn’t like it. Once the proposal is done, they could exchange the gift and the partner could choose the one he/she likes.Proposing is indeed a big step and it’s about lives of 2 people so it’s important to pick the right person.