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Wedding preparations everywhere come with tumultuous months of preparation as both bride and groom bustle about trying to get every appointment and schedule under control. In most cases, you will find the bride the busiest of all, spending most of her time at fittings or shops. And amongst the many things brides will need to look into are of course wedding shoes – regardless of whether you decide to buy them after or before the wedding dress.

When it comes to their wedding shoes, after all, most women will have dreams of walking down the aisle in their favourite designer brands, such as Steve Madden, Christian Louboutin or Rachel Simpson wedding shoes. It is understandable to want to splurge at least on the wedding day – and there is no reason why you should hold back! However, you nonetheless still want to be careful when you buy your wedding shoes, because no matter whether these are designer brands or not, you will still have to account for the near-unique shape of your feet. Remember, the most important thing is to look pretty without killing your feet on the big day!The basic things most guides and articles will warn and advise you about, when it comes to buying wedding shoes are naturally such as things as proper sizing, support, comfort, etc.

Regardless of whether you buy your designer bridal shoes online or at a physical brick and mortar store, the sizing is a very important aspect to consider. The issue is that online, you will only have to rely on the length and width of the shoe as a guide, whereas at a physical store, you can obviously try your shoes before you buy them. if you think about it, it is often better to try your hand at a physical store than online, but know that there are plenty of women who assemble their wedding outfits online (just make sure to consider the return and shipping policies!).

Beyond the basic tips, your feet would definitely benefit from extra tips aiming to give you the utmost comfort. For example, for the women who prefer to not try on their wedding shoes until the day itself, soft leather is a very good (and probably, only) option: the material makes the need to break in the shoes unnecessary. Similarly, if you are going to wear high heels, it is a good idea to invest in some arch supports, or at the very least, some extra insoles for your shoes. These will provide you with extra support, and thereby reduce the amount of stress you place on your feet.